Exactly why should I write a guest post for you?

We all know how important links back to your website are to raise your positioning in Google . Your internet site will get a strong anchor link from a top quality , non-spammy magazine and news wordpress blog , as a result improving your current serp position in the long term .

As long as we like your writing style , we will tell you to submit on a regular basis for our website , that will increase your Search engine ranking and thus enable you to secure yourself as a skilled professional in your market .

What are the topics I will write about ?

Most times we will publish your article , when it fits to the following different categories :

Technology, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Weight Loss, Diet, Fashion, Trends, Product Reviews, Customer Reviews, Gadgets, DIY, Decoration, Design, News, Entertainment, Politics, Fun, Money, Success, Work and Business related articles.

Like it has been stated , your submission could vary from our typical ideas , nevertheless it is required to respect our submission rules .

What exactly are your entire submission specifications?

We expect high criteria for our blog articles , for the reason that we don’t desire to disappoint our viewers . Your blog post needs to keep to the following necessities :


We admire tall photos . All your photos must be more than 850 pixel width and more than 1100 pixel tall in height . Further you need the right to work with the images . In case you provide an image to your blog post , upload it to us as an attachment instead of in the email or even in the post . Specified requirements on how you can submit a post will certainly come now .

Overall tone 

We would like to excite , advise as well as help our viewers . That’s the key reason why we keep a good and simple writing style . Our target audience is made of working women who wish to demonstrate their children to eat right , people who intend to make the initial step to a better lifestyle together with other typical people . Don’t provide articles for professionals . Make it easy and elementary .

Original Content 

Search engines despises duplicates , because of that we don’t upload guest posts which aren’t 100% unique . We confirm each individual article with Copyscape and also an additional plagiarism checker . And so do not even plan to distribute written content , which has already been uploaded on a second web site .

Originator Bio 

Your bio needs to be three or four phrases long and created in third-person . You are free to place your main social networking accounts into the bio .


Your pieces must not be to promotional , around a particular product or service or company . If you would like to hand in a guest post about ‘how to find the perfect electronic gadgets’ , your are allowed to do , however it simply cannot be just about a particular item , brand or enterprise .

Backlinking to additional sites 

You will receive a backlink in your creator bio . We never allow backlinking to nonessential articles or blog posts or otherwise not trusted sources .

How many Words 

The major search engines simply loves blog websites with lots of article content , that is the reason why we usually do not distribute articles with as little as 650 words .

How do I publish my guest post?

Compose your message to info@daais.org with the topic ‘Guest Post’ . Include your content , or perhaps a summary , as Google Docs url and also provide absolutely everyone with a chance to access the backlink the permission to check out as well as correct your current guest post .

You may as well email a word document , if perhaps this is quicker for yourself . In each of those cases include your imagery in the attachment . I will get in touch with you in a couple of weeks , in case we like your article .

We are definitely pleased to hear from you . Do not be doubting and send us your current post .